Classes at the Milkhouse are small - I limit them to four students at a time, meeting once a week for two hours, in eight week periods. We work primarily on the potter's wheels, but include hand-building or sculpture when appropriate. I don't need to have beginner, intermediate and advanced groups, since there are few enough students so that I can work with each on his or her own level. I have found that each person progresses at a different pace, and everyone benefits from seeing the others learn. A certain cross-pollination of ideas goes on as people get to know each other.
I teach children 9 years old and up when time permits, but most students are 18 to adult.  My oldest pupil was 84!  Several of them have gone on to become professional potters and artists. Many simply enjoy the feeling of the clay moving in their hands, the sense of timelessness they experience, and, of course, the products they learn to create.

Classes are organized into 8 week sessions, but private instruction is also available. One-time, introductory events can be arranged for small groups, as birthday parties or other celebrations. In good weather, bring cake and picnic down by the river!.